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Vosges snowshoe hiking    

Guided trip / 2 days / € 249, Winter 19
Difficulté to
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Shinrin-Yoku and forest bathing hike    

Guided trip / 2 days / € 269, 2018 Season
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Mont-Blanc tour    

Guided trip / 7 days / € 890, departure on demand
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Autumnal Queyras tour    

Guided trip / 6 days / € 579, 21-27 october 2018
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Trekking on demand    

"I personalise all my treks to offer you an unforgettable and unique experience."


Trekking (on demand)

Are you looking for an original, tailor-made trip with your family, friends or colleagues?
Do you want to spend a day, a weekend or a few weeks away from the city?
Join me on a trip at the heart of my favourite natural sites.

Trekking in pictures

Take a peek at our treks throughout the year


photo albums

France, Italy, Switzerland: Mont-Blanc tour (Mont-Blanc, the Alps)
France: Vanoise glaciers tour (Vanoise protected area, the Alps)
France: Autumnal colours in Queyras tour (Queyras protected area, the Alps)
France: Snowshoes hiking weekend (Ballons des Vosges protected area, the Vosges Mountains)

Local flavours

You'll have the chance to taste some excellent local foods and traditional recipes, passed down from generation to generation by mountain people.


traditional products selected for you...

I travel across the mountains and meet local producers to select exquisite dishes that will give you
a taste of the traditional life at high altitudes.
"The purpose of all my trips is to reveal to you the marvels of mountain life with every step, and to awake your taste buds with every meal."

Wild arnica oil

Discover my treasure of the Vosges mountain, an oily macerate prepared with wild Arnica flowers of the Regional Natural Park of Ballons des Vosges.


Forest bathing

Sharing with you my experience of shinrin yoku in the heart of the most beautiful forests in the world and unveil the beneficial secrets of trees for our health: fight against stress and depression, facilitating sleep, reconnection to nature, stimulation of the immune system.
So many good reasons to treat yourself to a forest bath !


 Your guide

"As a professional mountain guide, all I wish is to make sure you live an unforgettable experience"   |    facebook page